First Comes Love...

The Proposal

It all started in the fall of 2013, a few days before Halloween. I had recently relocated to a neighboring city forty five minutes away from where I was raised. Gratefully, I had family and a few friends in the area, but for the most part I felt like I was starting over.

Luckily for me, I had never shied away from talking to strangers. So, being the new single girl in town was super entertaining.  I was invited to what seemed like every social event and my calendar was always busting at the seams. On this particular night in question, I had been invited to a Young Professional's Halloween Costume Party. Halloween costumes can be a little tricky{especially when you're single and ready to mingle ha}. Not too spooky, not too have to find one that's just right. I decided on a long sleeve Jaguar printed unitard. It would be but not too revealing.  

As I was partying the night away, little did I know that across the room a life changing conversation was taking place. 

Someone snapped a picture of me right after Gavin introduced himself. It is a perfect depiction of who we are as it's super cool to have a picture from the night we met. (It's framed and on display in our house)   

Someone snapped a picture of me right after Gavin introduced himself. It is a perfect depiction of who we are as it's super cool to have a picture from the night we met. (It's framed and on display in our house)   


Gavin was meeting two friends...a couple actually. Joe and Marie. As they chatted and Gavin unknowingly knocked over a person's plate of chicken tenders...Joe noticed me from across the room. He also happened to notice I appeared solo. He motioned to Gavin, and said "you should go talk to her, she came in alone."  I honestly don't really remember the first introduction...I'm sure it went something like "Hi, I'm Gavin. Hi, I'm Nicole. Nice to meet you.", but I do remember the conversation right before I left. I was standing outside with the cast of Brokeback Mount{or maybe they were just my two friends, Tim and Jamie}, and he walked over and said "So, if someone wanted to get in touch with you, how might they do that?" while kind of waving his phone in my general direction.  And that was how he got my number.

A few days later he called and officially asked me on a first date...with 3 options. Of course three and a half years later I don't remember the other two choices, just the one I choose. A Corn Maze! I had never been on a day date or to a corn maze. I was excited. I do however, remember what I wore{ha}. Rust colored jeans, a denim chambray blouse with my favorite vintage sweater, and my cowboy boots...I have no recollection of what he wore, but I do remember how handsome I thought he looked. He picked me up and said, "I stopped by Starbucks on the way...I took a chance and ordered you a pumpkin spiced latte." I immediately replied with "Ewww, no! I don't drink any kind of coffee!" only to quickly realize I probably sounded like a brat. After a few minutes had passed, I figured I'd at least give it a try. "Oh My God, this is soooo good!!!" And like that latte, the rest of the date was just as delicious. 

Fast forward several years, and with another hurricane {Matthew} pending off the coast...Gavin mentioned going to "our" corn maze. I instantly thought, "Well, that has proposal written all over it!!" With the hurricane scheduled to hit any day we figured "our" first date corn maze was probably closed. It was a small "one man show" kind of place, with no way of google-ing the number...or if there was even a number to google. We decide to try McBee Farms. I called first thing the next morning, and then received the dreaded news. CLOSED! My heart sank and I promptly became humorously passive aggressive. He asked me what was wrong several times before I finally admitted, "I'm supposed to be living happily ever after in a corn maze right now."

Little did I know, I was falling right into his plan. The day was full of hurricane preparedness, and Gavin convincing me he didn't believe in the sanctity of marriage. You can imagine my shock, confusion, and frustration {after two plus year and lots of talk}. He kept at it all day, and later that evening we {I reluctantly} agreed to meet a group of our friends downtown for drinks. It goes against my raisin' to go out on the town with a natural disaster looming, plus I was now as you can no mood.  Later that evening, we arrived home around 10:45pm and I was {to be honest} still a little annoyed. He told me if I didn't give him a kiss I was going to be sorry. I agreed under the conditions that he answered a few questions. "You really don't believe in marriage? You'd really only marry me for my benefit?" He gently grabbed my hand and as he said "Ugh, what, you want to make it official?" he slid the ring on my finger. I immediately buried my face in my hands and ugly cried for about five minutes. It was perfect!!!


He had planned and purchased the ring with no help, plus through me off the scent. Saying he was pleased with himself would be an understatement. He wanted to give me something unique, that no one else would have. He choose an old mine cut diamond. The name refers to the fact that in the 19th century gems came from old diamond mines in India. Also, artisans shaped each diamond by hand until the early 1900's. Due to the craftsmanship, each diamond was unique and no two cuts were identical, unlike today's diamonds which undergo machine-assisted cutting. This cut was the earliest form of the brilliant and allowed each stone to sparkle under even the dimmest candlelight of the era. It was thoughtful, unique, and completely melted me into a puddle.

The following morning hurricane Matthew hit, and we spent the rest of the week without power. It was glorious! It made the moment last much longer than it would have on any other given day. Every night was by candle light, no tv, barely any cell phone get the general idea. It was a romantic staycation that we will never forget! 

He really had me at pumpkin spice latte!