Six for Sixteen!

The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.          - Melody Beattie

Thought provoking huh!? What are some of the goals and plans that you have set forth for yourself this year? Travel more, eat less, read, forgive? You haven't thought about it! Well, time is a tickin', It's January 2nd.....what are you waiting on, Christmas?  

Hat and Fur; Vintage,   JEANS & TOP,   BOOTS  , Bracelet; Gypsy Boutique, and Hair; T im with the Tim Smith Salon

Hat and Fur; Vintage, JEANS & TOP, BOOTS, Bracelet; Gypsy Boutique, and Hair; Tim with the Tim Smith Salon

There are many things I'm looking forward to in 2016,  and without further ado...let the list begin:

1. More 20 Questions:

          I know some pretty cool folks and I really enjoy sharing them with the rest of the world. I'm not sure about y'all, but I've really been thoroughly entertained by this interview series and I'm looking forward to continuing it throughout 2016. 

2. Blog, Blog, Blog:

          I've been getting some wonderful feedback about how entertained folks are by the blog. It's so humbling that people are even giving it the once over, much less checking in on every post! I'm eager to continue this venture, so stay tuned for future installments! 

3. Traveling:

          I was blessed with the opportunity of traveling to several new cities last year. Some of which, I never considered as a location I'd ever visit in the first place.  However, I now have some pretty interesting stories from some pretty interesting places.  I can't wait to see all the new adventures that 2016 has planned for me {there is talk of New England in the summer}.

Hat and Fur; Vintage,  JEANS & TOP,  BOOTS  , Bracelet; Gypsy Boutique, and Hair; T  im with the Tim Smith Salon

Hat and Fur; Vintage, JEANS & TOP, BOOTS, Bracelet; Gypsy Boutique, and Hair; Tim with the Tim Smith Salon

4. Oh deer: 

          Recently, I started dabbling into the art of jewelry making with vintage baubles and deer antlers being the key focus. I've been pleasantly surprised by the interest people have shown in my designs and how much I've enjoyed making them. Keep your eyes peeled for more in the future. 

5. The Election:

          I'm not going to discuss in detail my political views {I was taught that was in poor taste}, but I will say I'm ready for a new president and I have a favorite.  I hope voters will inform themselves on real matters and the truth, instead of voting with what looks "hip, trendy, or cool."  Electing the next POTUS is serious business, and should be taken more fervently than how one might decide on their lunch order. 

6. Downton Abbey:

          I was late to that party on this show, but thankfully I was able to binge watch the older seasons over 2015. I absolutely love the decadence, and sass of all the Crawley women. I'm very excited to see it's return, but disappointed that this year brings it's final season.  


I'd love to hear all about the wonderful things everyone else has planned for 2016 {feel free to share}. Lots of love and best wishes on a fantastic New Year {May all your troubles be as short lived as your resolutions}! 

XOXO - Nicole